American Flag Mug

I love the mugs, love the colors, love the quality and the way how easy it is to pour latte art.

When you drink coffee you do not like to serve it in any container, you have a favorite cup, or a personalized cup of coffee, which you often use … and where coffee simply does not taste the same.

Yes,  I am referring to those typical large coffee cups that relatives or friends sometimes bring us from a distant trip.

If you are looking for an American flag mug you probably love coffee and love your country. Either way, would give you so a pleasant moment to think about your day to day activities.


American flag mugs on internet

We all like original cups… yes, yes, you too dear reader. Do not hide. The original design cups give personality to our breakfast, or they become a perfect gift for an occasion where we want to look good without spending a lot of money. They never fail!

There are many options to choose on the internet. Here you can find the most wanted mugs, Yeti cups and coolers.

What you should know before buying your US flag mug

To start the day, there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee, chocolate or your favorite tea. But if we can also have a cup with a good design, much better. 

The times of white and boring porcelain have gone down in history and today we find many variants with which we can give a note of color and joy to our breakfasts or even snacks.

That’s why we offer you the tips of our guide to buy the best cup of coffee on the market, with interesting proposals and some issues to consider to get the best performance from both your coffee and your cup.

● Materials

Within the modern materials with which the current coffee cups are made, we find models that use ceramic and porcelain as always, although with more elegant and attractive designs and other models in glass. 

You can also find other models made of plastic materials, which must be free of BPA and other harmful elements, as well as those that are mixed with these plastic materials and other metallic elements such as aluminum or stainless steel. 

Since each material has its own flow in terms of durability, weight and cleanliness it is important that the first element to consider in your comparison of coffee cups is precisely the material chosen for it.

● Capacity

Despite the change of times we have already mentioned one of the few things that remains without much alteration in the capacity of these cups of coffee. 

Specifically, this capacity is still around one third or 33 centiliters. However, it is true that we can find somewhat smaller models but also models that expand their capacity to half.

● Cleaning

As important as having a nice and elegant cup is having a cup of coffee that you can clean well. 

You must always bet on models whose cleaning is simple. The simplest form of cleaning is those products that we can clean directly in the dishwasher.

These products are usually manufactured in plastics resistant or in the usual porcelain.

Verify that it is indeed in the product to offer easy cleaning unless you want to spend more time leaving your mug untouched than to be able to enjoy it.

➜ Why to buy an American flag mug or cooler?

  • You love your country, I need your coffee, so this cup is perfect for you.
  • These coolers are great and sturdy.
  • Perfect size for your morning coffee, and it’s easy to clean.

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